Bistrot64 Rome

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October 22, 2019
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February 23, 2020

Bistrot64 Rome


Overall Score

  • Food90%
  • Service100%
  • Ambiance80%
It’s the start of a new year and we’re all back at work and just about back into routine again. A bit of an adjustment for me after an awesome European holiday filled with adventure, Christmas markets and wining and dining. One of my great restaurant experiences during my trip included a visit to Bistrot64 – a Michelin star restaurant – in the beautiful city of Roma.

We took a bit of a stroll followed by a short tram ride from our hotel in central Rome to Bistrot64. Upon our arrival we were seated at a little table for two in the corner of the restaurant. We started with some local red wine – Casa di Legno, Colli Orientali Del Friuli Schippettino Di Prepotto – a smooth beautiful full bodied red (Italian red wine in general is one of my favourites; simply superb). The restaurant offers a variety of menu options to satisfy both your hunger and your wallet ;-) We opted for the five course tasting menu. For starters we had the scrambled egg with parmesan and black truffle. It was delicious. Even my benedict who’s not an egg fan, absolutely loved this dish. Following that dish, we chose the risotto with chicory, garlic and almonds for our second course. For our third course, which was the traditional Italian “first course”, we selected the amatriciana. The flavour of this pasta was outstanding; Italian tomatoes really are something special. The pasta too, was perfectly al dente (one thing I always notice is how much thicker and denser pasta in Italy is compared to our South African imitation version). Prior to the main course, we were served a palate cleanser, lemon sorbet with ginger bread, which was really uniquely and creatively presented in the form of a little “Twitter” like birdie as a replica of the ginger bread man. We opted for the Iberian pork as our main course. This was served with green beans and fermented plum. The pork was beautifully cooked but in all honesty this was not one of my favourite courses. The real treasures of the evening were the desserts at Bistrot64. They were absolutely incredible. I selected the “white” course dessert option which boasted an array of white chocolate, passion fruit, coconut and almond. It was definitely one of my most memorable and satisfying desserts. My benedict selected the “beige” dessert option which consisted of ice cream with white truffle (yes, truffle in a dessert), hazelnuts and chestnuts. The white truffle ice cream was definitely something absolutely unique worth experiencing, however, personally I’m not so sure that truffle really belongs in a dessert haha. But none the less it was an incredibly tasty dessert.

Bistrot64 has a simple, minimalist, modern feel to it. The service is nothing short of what one would expect from a Michel star restaurant and the food was delicious. I’d definitely recommend paying them a visit if ever you find yourself in Rome.

Bistrot64 Rome


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