Fish Tavern Fratzeskos Santorini

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September 10, 2019
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Fish Tavern Fratzeskos Santorini

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Overall Score

  • Food90%
  • Service60%
  • Ambiance90%
So I’m back from my European trip and it’s full speed ahead at work again. Just missing the gorgeous Santorini Black Beach and that amazing Greek food. One of my favourite places we visited was Fish Tavern Fratzeskos in Perissa. It was an added bonus that it was just a short walk up the road from our hotel, Aqua Blue (highly recommend staying there if ever you visit Santorini).

We dropped in for lunch – a bit of an escape from the heat of the day – while still enjoying the beautiful beach views. We started with some local house white wine. House white wine in Santorini is commonly of the Assyrtiko varietal – a refreshing crisp wine – ideal for a warm sunny day. Throughout Santorini, the wines were typically served in a large jug alongside two small simple glasses (it’s rather rare to come across an actual wine glass). My benedict and I then ordered an assortment of dishes to share. These included the saganaki (fried cheese), a whole calamari and steamed mussels. No one does seafood quite as well as the Greeks! This authentically served calamari was superb; delicious with a light chargrill flavour. The mussels too were incredible. They were served in a light fresh onion, fennel and lemon based broth unlike the typical cream based Saffa version ;-) The saganaki was also a great choice. To be honest, I’ve never had fried cheese this delectable. Perfect in its simplicity with a squeeze of lemon (you certainly won’t find this served with sweet chilli sauce anywhere in Greece). For dessert we received a complimentary panna cotta. It was served with a tasty berry coulis. A great ending to a delicious meal.

Fish Tavern Fratzeskos is a rustic local run restaurant overlooking a beautiful beach in one of the quieter regions of Santorini. The service was average, but let’s face it, with great food and gorgeous views service imperfections can easily be forgiven. If you ever you get the chance to visit Santorini, do yourself a favour and pay Fish Tavern Fratzeskos a visit. I hope to return again someday in the future.

Fish Tavern Fratzeskos


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