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COVID-19 & Eating Out – Can You Support the Hospitality Industry & Be Sensible at the Same Time?
March 23, 2020
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February 11, 2021

JEM Catering


Overall Score

  • Food80%
  • Service80%
  • Value for Money90%
Eating great food at home has become the new normal under the current COVID-19 circumstances. Fortunately, companies like Jem Catering have made this adjustment so easy for us all.

Jem Catering is traditionally an events catering company. They were one of the first to amend their business model and venture in to home food catering and delivery at the start of lockdown. Their new venture, Jem Eats, offers an extensive range of home cooked meals which are wholesome, nutritious and affordable. To date, I’ve tried many of their meals including butter chicken curry, cottage pie, chicken and mushroom pie, Asian style deep fried short rib, shredded beef topped with puff pastry, pork belly, crispy battered fish, Portuguese trinchado, red wine oxtail stew, chicken curry bunny chow, chicken a la king and babotie. Some of my favourites include the chicken curry bunny chow which was served with crunchy croutons, the most delicious chargrilled guava chilli and coriander mint salad and a homemade mini loaf on the side. Another great dish was Jem Catering’s red wine oxtail stew which was served with the most amazing smoked mash potato and roasted root vegetables. Their Father’s day blackened pork belly was another incredible dish. And last night, I thoroughly enjoyed their smoked sausage, tomato and basil ragout which was served on a bed of penne pasta.

Jem Catering offer a diverse selection of meals. You have the choice to opt for the fresh meal of the day – which also always has a vegetarian option – as well as a range of convenient frozen meals. Their meals are not only delicious but also nutritious and well portioned offering great value for money. They’re available in portion sizes for either two or four and all meals are pre-cooked and come with heating instructions. I can certainly attest to Jem Catering having made life much more comfortable and tastier for me during this lockdown period.

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