Da Dong Beijing

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January 21, 2019
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March 4, 2019

Da Dong Beijing


Overall Score

  • Food100%
  • Service90%
  • Ambiance80%
So it’s officially the Chinese New Year and what better way to celebrate than with a visit to Da Dong for their famous world class Peking duck. In December I had the most incredible Asian trip of a lifetime. One of the very first cities on my Asian tour was Beijing, aka Peking. So of course quite naturally – after some research – I found one of the most highly rated restaurants in Asia, Da Dong. Da Dong is considered to serve THE absolute best Peking duck; Heston Blumenthal approved ;-)

We arrived at Da Dong, located within a floor of a building along the bustling Jinbao Street. Our meal started with the sticky pork ribs which were fairly tasty. The main was an easy choice. Of course the full Peking duck was the only option. The entire duck arrived at the table beautifully cooked with a golden crispy skin. The chef then carefully sliced the duck into perfectly thin – chop stick suitable – bite sizes. It tasted incredible! I can honestly say that I have never tasted duck that amazing. My mother would be in heaven eating this (she’s a real lover of duck). The duck was served with a side wafer thin pancakes and an assortment of accompaniments including cucumber sticks, a sugar and garlic dipping sauce, sweet bean sauce, spring onion, hoisin sauce and kishu mikan (a kind of miniature mandarin orange) to be peeled and squeezed over the duck. I enjoyed the crispy flavoursome skin as is; absolutely mouth-watering. Then I filled the pancakes as recommended and enjoyed them with all the sauces and fillings. To end off the evening we were served a light and creamy Chinese dessert presented within a coconut. Although I’m not quite sure exactly what this dessert was, I can say that I loved it! It was smooth with a very subtle sweetness to it and delicious indeed.

Da Dong was a truly special experience. The duck was just superb and exceeded my already high expectations. The service is quite extraordinary with the whole duck being perfectly and immaculately sliced at your table right before you. And the atmosphere is just great. I can only hope to visit again one day on a future trip to China. Da Dong is most certainly officially now also Get in my Belly approved ;-)

Da Dong, Beijing

  • China, Beijing Dongcheng Jinbao St 88号金宝汇购物中心5层
  • +86 10 8522 1234


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